Saturday, December 22, 2012

SIU campus, Carbondale, December 22, 2012

Not much to say except that these photos were taken on the eastern edge of the Southern Illinois University campus.  There is a creek that runs through the woods.  What looks like underbrush is actually fallen trees and their branches.  This is just one small part of the various wooded areas that surround the university.  

SIU-Carbondale is known for its beautiful, wooded campus on the northern edge of the Shawnee National Forest.  Chicago natives are very often enthralled by the natural environment of deep southern Illinois and decide to spend the rest of their lives here.

Frackers are trying to move into Jackson County, but so far they have been forestalled.


  1. Great pictures. I had heard about the wind damage, but it is nice to see pics. Thanks

  2. OMG. So much easier to understand with the pix. Thanks.

  3. This is not from wind damage. We did not have any major storms this year.

    There were major storms in many places last year, but also not here.

    The derecho was in 2009.

  4. This tree die off is from many consecutive days of temperatures above 100 F, "exceptional" drought conditions (drought has continued through to the present), and other factors like high ground-level ozone and other chemical pollutants.

    No major wind of any kind this year.

  5. Oops! We did not have winter last year and some sort of bark beetles has attached the elms and maples.

    However, oaks and evergreens are also dying and falling over.

  6. When I get mail like this (link below), I don't know whether to feel validated, or grieved;

    Dear Wit's End,
    I stumbled onto your P,P&P paper this year and its the biggest thing for me in quite some time. When my dad was dying of cancer back in '90 i asked him what made life worthwhile for him. He replied "I always had trees". I will always remember that life summing statement of his. Back in '99 after taking the Permaculture Design course I said to my ex and her mother on a walk thru the Michigan forest "If the forest starts to die back that's it".
    My favorite spot here in Pa. is Ricketts Glen and the Hemlock look worse and worse there. I think there is something way wrong- there is way too much stuff down in the forest around here and I believe what you're saying. It ain't just the storms.

    I think you've hit the nail on the head. Climate change will get us but this is just as important and is a revelation to me. I tell anyone who is worth telling about this paper. I honestly no longer believe there is anyway out. I had hoped for a Permaculture revolution when the seriousness of things was undeniable but that was utter foolishness on my part. Nothing short of that would have worked.

  7. Thanks for the pictures & comments!
    This site describes two most common types of beetles,